Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Starts June 3

Registration for the library’s “Universe of Stories” Summer Reading Program begins for all ages on Monday, June 3. Participants will be able to sign up and get reading logs in two age groups: children (0 to 11) and teens (12 to 18). All ages will be able to receive prizes for the reading they do all summer long. Adults can also fill out prize entries with book titles they read throughout the summer, and be entered into a weekly drawing. There will also be many exciting performers and events for all ages to enjoy, including space-themed programs surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the History Club for adults, and crafts for children and teens. Check our library calendars, Summer Reading Library Guide, and Beyond the Oaks summer brochure for information on specific programs and events at the library.

Children’s Reading Book Graphic_A Universe of Stories

Helen Hall Library "Universe of Stories" Video


To take part in the Summer Reading Program, adults will fill out a summer reading entry form for each book they read. There will be a drawing each week for the prizes. There is no limit to how many times a patron can enter each weekly drawing, but each entry must be a separate book title.

Program Highlights: The History Club has several exciting programs coming up that explore Texas History, local history and even a Space History field trip! Interested patrons can also take a tour of Helen Hall Library in our Behind the Scenes programs in June and July to find out what goes on in the different parts of the library that you may have missed. Apollo 11’s Spacecraft Warning System Engineer Jerry Woodfill is coming to talk to us as part of the Thursday Talk series on June 13. Please see our summer brochure or calendars for more information. We also have book clubs and writing clubs going on throughout the summer to discuss books and share your writing with others.


Blast off into Summer Reading as we celebrate A Universe of Stories! Julian Franklin will launch the summer off on June 3rd with his show Take Me to Your Readers. After the show, children can collect their first reading log. There will be a total of four reading logs to be filled out throughout the summer. These enable children from 0 to 5th grades to participate in our summer reading program at their own pace. When each reading log is filled in and turned in, prizes are given. Children can read on their own or have books read to them.
Children's Reading Log #1 (PDF)

Program Highlights: Helen Hall Library has partnered with Space Center Houston to present various activities from Star Lab to Living in Space. Children won’t want to miss all the fun performers, crafts and activities going on this summer! Please see our summer brochure or calendars for more information. 


There are so many fun programs and ways to participate for the teens this summer! Individuals from 6th to 12th grades are eligible to participate in the Teen Summer Reading Program. Teens will also have four logs they can fill out with their reading for cool prizes.
Teen Reading Log #1 (PDF) - (Set printer settings to "Fit" and "Landscape" prior to printing) 
Log #2, log #3, and log #4 are provided in-person once participants turn in each preceding log. 

Program Highlights: Teens will create galaxies in a jar, have a Galaxy Glow Party, battle against “aliens,” and find out how ice cream is made through the flash-frozen method using liquid nitrogen. Sub Zero is coming to show us how it’s done and to share ice cream with us! There is so much more coming in the summer for teens, so please see our summer brochure or calendars for more information. 

There will be something to do for all ages at Helen Hall Library this summer. There are also many volunteer opportunities for adults and teens. Contact London Lawrence at 281-554-1116 to find out more.